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The Music Collection of Juhani Hinkkanen

This is the listing of my music collection as it was in December 2, 2020. The original listing was produced through Gnumeric spreadsheet program from the database created with Tellico (formely known as Bookcase) running under stable version of Debian GNU Linux with some cleaning of html-code and reordering by hand. Track listings and personal information in the original database (screen capture here) have not been included. Listings are in English excluding comments on some classical albums. These are mostly in the language of the country where the album was published. I have included original publication date of the albums (if known) but many of them are reissues and I seldom have information on the reissue date. So, if the reissue date is blank, it doesn't mean that the album I have is the original pressing.

Kuunteluhuone Kuunteluhuone
This listing is divided in 12 parts, first nine are vinyl albums:

Finnish popular music including compilations (updated 2.12.2020)
Foreign popular music, artists A-D (updated 2.12.2020)
Foreign popular music, artists E-J (updated 2.12.2020)
Foreign popular music, artists K-Q (updated 2.12.2020)
Foreign popular music, artists R-Z (updated 2.12.2020)
Musicals (updated 15.10.2019)
Classical music (updated 1.9.2020)
Various artists compilations (updated 2.12.2020)
Spoken word (updated 2.12.2020)

Finnish cd-records (updated 2.12.2020)
Foreign cd-records (updated 2.12.2020)
Cassette tapes (updated 2.12.2020)

I Sold most of my original record collection in 1990. Listing is available at my homepage (all information here in Finnish). I am in the process of recreating the original collection and have since reacquired the albums marked in red.